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The Indianola Youth Football League, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to providing the youth of the Indianola School District and surrounding communities a quality tackle football program. Our primary objective is to teach fundamentals of football, physical fitness, and sportsmanship to participants in the league. The board of directors provides oversight and direction to league operations.

The league was started by in 1992 with four teams from Indianola: the Bears, Dolphins, Packers and Raiders. Indianola's other four teams include: 49ers (added in 1997), Colts (added in 2000), Chargers (added in 2007) and the Cardinals (added in 2009). The league has partnered with many communities over the years to develop youth football programs. Currently, Winterset has teams in the league (Cowboys, Steelers and Falcons) .

League registration for Indianola players is generally conducted in February or March timeframes each year to facilitate planning, equipment ordering and scheduling. The website is updated with league registration and other important dates. Communities outside of Indianola coordinate registration for their individual programs and may have different requirements.

Each team in the league consists of 22-26 players from fourth, fifth and sixth grades. The team is then divided up into two squads - the Purple and the Gold. Purple players are younger, smaller and less experienced than the larger, older Gold squad members. New players participate in a tryout and draft that takes place in the fall, normally the first Saturday in August. The draft process enables us to keep teams somewhat competitive in skill level. Returning players stay on their respective teams during their entire IYFL career.

The season consists of five regular season games and one game on "Super Bowl" weekend to conclude the season. Games are generally played each Sunday at 1:00, 2:45 and 4:30. The Purple (1st and 3rd) and Gold Team (2nd and 4th) each play two quarters during the game. Please review the schedule on our website to find out where your favorite team plays.

Stop by and catch these budding gridiron heroes in action this fall and cheer on your favorite hometown kids. If you have any questions about the Indianola Youth Football League, please contact one of our Board Members listed here.